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Increase your brand recognition with the packaging your customers will LOVE!

Sustainable and Cost-Effective Burger & Sandwich Package

The PleatPak™ is environmentally friendly and the best sustainable packaging option for restaurant owners, operators, and customers worldwide. See how the PleatPak™ transforms your customers' dining experience into something fun and easy. Millennials LOVE the PleatPak™!

Why Use PleatPak?

Aside from presenting food in a whole new way, the PleatPak protects food from the environment and allows the consumer to enjoy their burger or sandwich in a whole new way. Watch this video to see how. Additional benefits and attributes include:

• Fast and Easy Way to Wrap Food
• Provides Superior Heat Retention: Keeps Food Hotter Longer (See Info Below)
• Perfect and Best Packaging for Home Food Delivery and Takeout
• Requires Less Space on the Prep Board and In Storage
• Sanitary and Keeps Customers Clean: Hands Stay Clean and All Drippings are Captured in the PleatPak
• Keeps the Integrity of the Burger or Sandwich to the Last Bite
• Cost-Effective with Many Direct and Indirect Savings
• Enhances and Increases Sales and Brand Recognition
• Environmentally Sound: Champion of Source Reduction
• Great Marketing Tool: Cool, Fun, Innovative, and Stands Out with a Powerful "Wow!" Factor

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Learn More About the PleatPak

Learn everything you need to know about our sandwich and burger wraps by contacting us or by calling us at +1 (347) 699-2468. Stay connected with us on Facebook our products on our environmental blog.