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The Magic Bag

The Magic Bag is a novel and multifunctional pleated flexible container, the best package for French Fries and all other finger foods. The Magic Bag keeps the the French Fries wormer and crispier longer than all other packaging (see graph below) protect and preserve the food quality and provide great satisfaction to both: food operators/restaurants and the consumers that love the Magic Bag! There is not a better French Fries and/or finger foods package on the market than the Magic Bag; it’s stands up, by pulling out the corners it become a pouch and by pealing the sides of the bag, is become a basket. Three configurations in one package!

The Magic Bag:

• Keeps the French Fries Warmer and Crispier longer than all other packaging
• Enhances product quality and integrity
• The BEST package for Food Home DELIVERY and Take Out
• Most functional, easy and convenient to eat all Finger Foods out off
• Cost effective with many direct and indirect savings
• Works great with Drive -Thru and eating in the car ‘survive the drive’
• Environmentally sound, leader in source reduction
• Promotional and great Marketing Tool that enhances any brand
• Unique and a Fun concept, provoking a great WOW factor by all

MAGIC BAG - Videos

MAGIC BAG - Better Heat Retention!

MAGIC BAG - Better Heat Retention!